Zoë Berliner

Hello, my name is Zoë Berliner (she/her). I am a Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery and a Public Health and Human Lactation student at PSU. I began birth work after ten years of working in childcare. My deep desire to offer unwavering, comprehensive care to children naturally led to an interest in providing the same support to new and growing families.

I offer flexible, gentle, and compassionate support to all. I see every birth and every family as unique and wonderful. I recognize that this time is complex. You may feel excited, joyous, and overwhelmed. Or, maybe you just feel scared. I acknowledge that this journey looks and feels different for everyone. Whatever your path, I will walk it with you. It is my greatest honor to partner with you in these tender moments, helping you make informed choices through the wisdom of your own values. 

My work is also my passion. Learning about birth and talking to parents about their experiences fuels my desire to continually grow and evolve as a doula. I feel grateful for every individual who invites me to participate in their story, every family who enters my life, and every moment that amazes me. I love what I do.

I moved to Portland in 2016 from Baltimore Maryland. I live in Sellwood with my partner, two neurotic dogs and mischievous cat. I enjoy sharing tea with friends, making cards, and walking the city with a podcast playing. I love watching The Great British Baking Show with my pets and seeing live music with my partner. My favorite foods are green curry, chicken soup, and hot cheetos.

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Portland State University- 2018 to present

OHSU-PSU School of Public Health and Human Lactation



Preschool, Early Childhood Education, and Nanny-over 10 years experience



Birth Doula training and certification through Birthingway College of Midwifery -2018

Postpartum Doula training and certification through Birthingway College of Midwifery- 2018

Spinning Babies Workshop-2019

ICEA Childbirth Educator Training- 2019

Advanced Collaborative Practice- 2019

Trauma Informed Care- 2018

Mental Health First Aid- 2020

Emergency Childbirth for Doulas-2018

Breastfeeding for Doulas and Birth Professionals-2019

Supporting Pumping and Bottle Feeding Clients -2019

Red Cross Adult, Child, and Baby First Aid/ CPR/AED

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

“Zoë Berliner was my labor and postpartum doula for the birth of my second daughter. Zoë was a constant physical and emotional support for me and my husband during labor. She gave my husband the space he needed to support me and also offered helpful suggestions for him when appropriate. After visiting my home for the first postpartum visit, she made a point to visit two more times within that week because she saw how exhausted I was. While I napped Zoë tidied up the house, took care of my newborn’s needs, and played with my two-year-old daughter. Zoë is genuine, sincere, and professional. As a nurse myself I was impressed by her clinical judgment and attentiveness to my needs. I highly recommend her and am so glad that she was part of our birth team. “ -Sandi RN

“My partner and I talked a lot about the difference between a regular day and a Zoë day while she was helping our family. Zoë days meant not just a calmer home, but a calmer mind. Her reassurance sustained us, her advice helped us, and just knowing she would be coming in the morning made a sleepless night feel like no big deal. After a few weeks with Zoë coming by two days for four hours at a time, we went from scared new parents to feeling like pros. She helped us learn how to wear our baby, soothed my breastfeeding fears, gave us the skills and confidence to use cloth diapers and wrap up our baby in a swaddle, and just in general kept us feeling sane and supported.” -Brenna

“We hired Zoë as our doula for the birth of our second child. We instantly felt at ease with her and she connected very well with our two year old. From our first meeting we could tell that she was passionate about the birth and recovery process. She was very knowledgeable about up-to- date practices and was supportive in helping us prepare for labor. She offered help for our “sunnyside up” (occiput posterior) baby to turn to an optimal birth position. When it came time to deliver she was very calm and supportive. I was glad that she was there to assist our family and help us achieve the healthy, natural delivery we desired. We are so grateful for all that Zoë did for us. We are so glad that we decided to work with her!” -Callie RN, IBCLC