Sarah Craft

Hi! I’m Sarah!

My journey to become a birth and postpartum doula began in 2020. I specialize in both labor and postpartum services. I received my training through Mother Tree Birth and my certification with DONA.

My love for birth and helping families has always been a dream of mine since I had my first child in 2016. I was immediately drawn to the birthing world and wanted to help other families with their beautiful transition into parenthood. Not only do I think birth is a beautiful event to be a part of, but I also think the fourth trimester, postpartum, is just as important and needs to be prioritized more.

I saw a need not just for the mother and baby, but the entire family dynamic. I find joy in supporting Mothers and partners with information, tips, self-care, answering questions, and working with your family to meet all your unique needs.

Sarah grew up in Cornelius, Oregon and moved to Forest Grove where she married her husband and raises their two boys. When Sarah isn’t with a birth or postpartum client she loves to spend her time with her kids, friends and family. Sarah also enjoys reading, blogging, being outdoors, and enjoying some tea while watching tv or playing video games.

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Birth & Postpartum Doula training through Mother Tree – 2020








Placenta Encapsulation Training


CPR & First Aid for Adults, Children and Infants Training

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

“Sarah helped my husband and I during postpartum and she was a great support person for us! We are first time parents, which means we/I worry about everything! It was a relief to have a knowledgeable person come over for a couple hours a week to receive recommendations from. She provided skilled advice, professional and practical resources and even tid-bits from her personal experience with her two boys. She also helped us around the house! At first I was having trouble eating enough with breastfeeding and neither my husband nor I had a lot of energy to cook as we were finding our new family groove, so she helped us pick recipes and make meals to last a few days. She also helped with dishes, laundry and played with the baby! It was awesome to have her support as we learned the ropes ~ I highly recommend her for anyone seeking doula services.“ - Audrey Kaufmann

“I would absolutely recommend Sarah’s services. Pregnancy can lead to a lot of questions and concerns. Especially for a first time parent like myself. Sarah was always available for contact, even at 3am when my wife’s water broke! In addition to helping my wife feel more comfortable getting through contractions, she was there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend her services. First time pregnancies can be stressful on both parents. She did awesome. You won’t regret it.“ -Chris Shields

“ Sarah helped me through my second labor with the use of massages and pressure points during those contractions. She stepped in while my husband rested a bit during labor and overall made my experience so pleasant. This experience was nothing like my first (first was horrible lol) i truly appreciate the postpartum help, even if its just a nap or sweeping while I clean too or watching my babies while I shower has the power to make me feel recharged and refreshed. Thank you so much Sarah!” - Michelle Cordova