Michelle Paul

Hi, I’m Michelle!

Working with expectant parents through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is my passion. After birthing and raising my own three children, doula work felt like a natural next step for me and I have been loving every minute of it! I feel strongly that the wishes of birthing parents be respected and supported in order for them to feel empowered in their labor and delivery, as well as postpartum. My purpose is to provide individualized, nurturing care and emotional encouragement along with evidence based information to help you make informed decisions about your care and that of your baby. I look forward to being a calming and consistent presence during labor and the postpartum period.

When Michelle is not attending births or assisting new parents, she enjoys spending time with her grown and growing children, whether it be going for a hike, playing board games, or watching movies together. She can also be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes or finding a quiet moment with a cup of tea and a good book.

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Birthingway College of Midwifery- Birth and Postpartum Doula certified

Acupressure for natural pain relief during childbirth


Adopting trauma informed care for birth professionals

Collaborative practice and professionalism

Advanced Breastfeeding Skills for Birth Workers





12 years working as a professional nanny- privately and contract work with Care Givers Placement Agency

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

"I cant express how much I appreciate Michelle and the help that she was during the process of my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. Due to some unexpected events, our birth plan had a couple curve balls thrown at us, but yet so much of our birth plan was successful and both my husband and I feel it had a lot to do with the help of Michelle. Michelle encouraged me, helped me stay focused, and kept reminding me my body was made to give birth naturally just like I wanted. She walked up and down the halls with me, she massaged me, she gave me words of encouragement and so much more. The thing I will never forget about Michelle and will always be so grateful towards her is how she helped me refocus and breath through every contraction when I "thought" I wanted to give up. When I lost focus, she got right in front of my face and told me to breath WITH her and boy what a difference it was when I was focused and breathing. There are so many things that you don't think of during labor that having Michelle be there and helping remind us on even the smallest details like making sure both my husband and I were hydrated was very important but something that would have been easily missed if it weren't for her help. Her support was so great to both my husband and I, that I cant imagine going through future pregnancies without a doula."

"I felt safe from the moment Michelle arrived. I was in labor, and as contractions came she rubbed my back and helped me breathe. When things got intense, she knew just what to do. Her calm and reassuring presence was so steady and helpful for both of us. My husband was able to gather the things, drive the car, get us to the hospital, and be right with me during the labor while Michelle supported us both. As my baby was born, we were all triumphant together. I had such a positive, empowering birth experience and I am certain that Michelle was instrumental in this outcome. If you are looking for a doula, hire her! We were so lucky to find her. We are continuing to work with Michelle in the post-partum and she has been so supportive to our new little family during this huge life change. She helped teach me how to care for my baby, from her first bath to learning how to burp her. The love and care that she has given us is such a gift. We will be appreciative for the rest of our lives. "

"Our pregnancy was anything but ordinary we were high risk due to previous premature birth and we had lost two of our triplets which I carried to term. Having a doula was a must for the level of support we needed but we never expected the experience to be like this. Michelle has been a voice of reason for my anxious mind, an encouragement when felt like I couldn’t do this, she has helped support my husband through the birth and his post partum, and she even made a bunch of pancakes and froze them which I didn’t even know I needed but I did. She is truly a special person and I hope for our future children she will be available because I don’t think I could do this with anyone else or without her. She is such a kind, sensitive soul and I’m grateful to know her. She offers post partum doula services as well and is so helpful whether it’s holding the baby so you can sleep, washing some dishes or helping with older siblings she does it all with love and a smile. i can’t say enough about how amazing she it. During birth she was supportive even when I decided to get the epidural. I felt like a failure and a wimp for doing it but she kept encouraging me and reminding me how strong and powerful I am. She also was able to inform me of different options I had for positions, etc while utilizing the epidural. She was supportive of all my choices and helped me find the information I needed. There is a system she wrote down for my husband on an index card that I will use from now on for many situations. It is truly amazing and has help me make the choices that best suit me and my family with confidence. Now I could share that but I’m going to keep it to myself. You’ll just have to hire her to find out! But to conclude my rambling as I’m trapped under my one year old and newborn MIchelle is a very special lady and she will give you her whole heart while working with you to bring your beautiful baby into this world. "