Marie Hannah

Welcome! My name is Marie Hannah and I am The Rose City Doula. When selecting a doula, I understand how important it is to know and trust your caregiver. Birth and postpartum are going to be some of the most vulnerable and transformative experiences of your life.

With that in mind, here’s a bit about me:​
Birth, postpartum and lactation spark so much joy and passion for me. I showed an early interest in the magic of childbirth, learning from my mother while she supported our family as a labor and delivery nurse. In my teenage years, I thought I would follow in her footsteps and pursue a degree in nursing after high school. As an undergrad, I began working as a postpartum nursing assistant in the hospital system and after five years of helping parents on their postpartum journeys, it became clear that I was being called to support and help advocate for birthing people and their partners as they bring their babies earthside.

Over the span of my career in the hospital system, I have supported hundreds of families through the physical and emotional aspects of birth and postpartum recovery, including the uniquely beautiful and challenging adventure of breastfeeding. This experience has bestowed upon me a wealth of knowledge that will greatly benefit my clients. Making your lives easier is my goal!

I understand the frustrations and complications birthing people can experience without an advocate with them in the hospital. I am committed to creating a safe space, empowering my clients and advocating on their behalf when needed. I will assist in curating the birthing experience you’ve always imagined for yourself. My goal is to prepare and support you throughout the powerful and transformative experience of childbirth. As your doula, I will ensure that you are presented with an array of options and help you make informed decisions about your care. I pack a variety of tools in my kit including on-the-spot problem solving (for when things inevitably stray from the original birth plan) and years of experience with birthing people from all walks of life. I strive to provide a warm and grounding presence to my clients and promise to bring an open mind and heart to every family I have the privilege to work with.

Outside of my doula work I love spending time with my fiancé and our newly adopted lab puppy Winnie! We are Portland natives that love the outdoors and trying new restaurants, so I'm always up for a recommendation. I have a passion for cooking and baking so don't be surprised if I bring goodies with me to appointments.

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- Dona international: birth doula training - November 2021
- Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth - Addressing Implicit Bias - December 2021
- Doulaversity: tens unit certification - March 2022
- Healthy children’s Project: certified lactation counselor training - June 2022
- Infant, child, and adult CPR certified: 2022



- Certified nursing assistant (CNA2): 2015
- Associates in psychology: 2016



- Postpartum nursing assistant: 2017-2022
- Surgical unit CNA: 2015-2016
- Private Nanny throughout college.

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

"Marie was 100% essential to our child's birth and I hate imagining a world where she was not present helping us through what was an incredibly difficult time. From our first meeting it was clear that not only was she incredibly well versed in every aspect of the birthing process, but she also had an intense passion for what she was doing. She went above and beyond whatever expectations we had of a doula. She was punctual, patient, and even in the most intense moments a source of comfort and reassurance. She thought of things to improve our experience that we never would have considered and her unwavering confidence gave us footing when things were truly scary." - Birth Client 2022

"Marie was reassuring and knowledgeable from the start of our prenatal care, but I never imagined how essential she would be to our birth story. Almost nothing went according to our birth plan, which would've been much scarier without Marie to hold my hand through decisions I would have struggled to make without her support. She advocated for me with hospital staff, who also said on repeatedly how amazing she is, to make sure I got the best care. When things got really intense toward the end of my long labor, she was still finding ways to encourage and affirm me, and suggesting more things to coax baby into position. She held space for me to do what felt right for my body. Even when I was groggy and confused after an unexpected cesarean, I never worried our wishes wouldn't be respected, because she was right there facilitating. When she finally went home for some well deserved sleep, I genuinely missed her. I don't know how we could have gotten through it all without her, and if I have more children, I wouldn't go through birth with anyone else. Beyond all of the things she did, she is just a deeply kind, genuine, and fun person. You couldn't ask for a better person by your side during such a life changing event." - Birth Client 2022