Lizzy Garcia

The birth of your baby will stay with you throughout your lifetime, and I believe every pregnant woman should have the support and knowledge needed to have the best birth experience possible. As your doula I will do my best to prepare you for labor and the postpartum period so you can look back on your birth with feelings of accomplishment and empowerment.

My passion for birth has been with me since a young age, the passion I have for all things birth related grew even more after the birth of my first baby, and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a doula.

I love supporting moms and dads (yes, dads need support during labor too!) throughout the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and into postpartum to set them up for success  on their new journey into parenthood, whether it’s their first birth or their fifth! There is nothing more amazing than witnessing life come into the world, and this work has been so fulfilling to me and I cherish every family that has invited me into their birth space.  

Lizzy has a calm and confident presence. She is very intuitive with her client’s needs during labor and she is passionate about informed consent and bodily autonomy.

Lizzy was born and raised in the California desert, and has been living in Vancouver, WA for seven years with her husband and three children. They are a loving Christian family that enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and hanging out at the lake in the summer. You can also find Lizzy going to concerts, cross stitching, reading, gardening and going to comedy shows with her husband.

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- Spinning Babies Workshop, Lake Oswego, OR

- Portland Doula Love Six Month Mentorship with Wendy Sharp, Portland, OR


- Placenta Encapsulation Course, through Brilliant Birth Academy, online

- DONA International Breastfeeding 101 with Wendy Sharp Portland, OR

- DONA International Doula Training with Wendy Sharp Portland, OR



Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

"I'm so grateful for Lizzy. Thanks to her, my birth experience was a positive one. Growing up I feared the pain associated with childbirth, but Lizzy prepared me in a such a way that I looked forward to the experience. I can honestly say that I had fun birthing my first child because of Lizzy's doula services. Lizzy always had a bright and happy attitude, brought tons of material to our prenatal meetings, and she was right by my side in the delivery room when my daughter arrived 4 weeks early. Her easy-going demeanor really helped me feel comfortable discussing my pregnancy, and she even helped my husband feel at ease as he became a father. If you want a doula who is genuinely excited about childbirth, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, kind, dependable with a comforting presence, I couldn't recommend Lizzy enough!" - Birth Client

"I hired Lizzy late into my pregnancy, around 35 weeks, and instantly felt so comfortable with her. She has such a happy personality and warm smile. She was made for doula work! Before my labor, she gave me resources for my labor and postpartum. The postpartum resources were especially helpful, because I was very nervous of being a mom of two and needed all the help I could get when it came to navigating that new chapter of my life! With every worry and concern, she listened and waited to give advice until I asked. She was empathetic and understanding. I was very particular in the type of support I wanted because my first birth was traumatic. She treated my birth as sacred, which it was. She did exactly what I asked during my labor and was very intuitive. I needed a lot of counter pressure and she never gave up on that! After birthing my sweet boy, he needed some resuscitation. I was overwhelmed when that happened, but Lizzy reassured me that he would be fine and that everything was ok. That meant the world to me. After my birth, she cleaned up (it was a home birth) and made sure I was comfortable and fed. She was the perfect doula to bring on my birth team. Its amazing what happens when you have supportive people in your birth space - you feel connected for life. I am so grateful that I had Lizzy in my sacred space and that we are connected for life! If you’re wondering if you should hire her… DO IT. You won’t regret it!" - Birth Client

"With Covid and the uncertainty of the world, I wasn't sure it made sense to hire a doula for my second birth, given it wasn't my first time. However, from the first conversation I had with Lizzy I knew it was a good choice. She was very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy, labor and birth and was brimming with resources customized for my needs. I felt her preparation throughout my third trimester was more comprehensive and thorough than the experience I'd had with my first baby. I had no doubts I'd be supported along the way. Lizzy was always happy to text with me with my random thoughts and questions. When it came to my labor and birth, Lizzy arrived ready to go at my induction and jumped right in with the perfect supports including candles for the bathroom and strong hip squeezes. She was great to assist my husband and I in talking through each decision and there to support us as my labor took a different course than expected. No birthing person should be without a doula, no matter how they choose to bring their baby into the world, and Lizzy is an excellent choice. We are so thankful for her services!" - Birth Client