Kilah Ruddy

Hello! My name is Kilah!

I have been fascinated by pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember. Somehow, while growing up, it seemed as though I was always surrounded by pregnant people. The idea of creating life and then bringing that life into the world through the strength and capability of the human body is the most incredible thing on this planet. After witnessing one of my very close friend’s births, and supporting another friend during her postpartum period, I revealed a very big passion of mine. Birth and parenting place people in a position wherein they reveal their strength and vulnerability at the same time. Doulas have the unique experience of getting to witness this and support individuals through this major life experience. I feel very lucky to be one of those people.

I recently completed my training as a Full Spectrum Doula with Doula Trainings International (DTI). Currently, I am working toward fulfilling all the necessary requirements to become fully certified with DTI. Before this training I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. I have a passion for acceptance and celebration of all identities and intersectionalities. People are immensely complex and each comes with their own story. Understanding this story and how we can best support one another is a task that I believe should be incorporated into birthwork, as well as in all other areas of our lives. As a doula, I hope to establish connections with and empower my clients through their birth experience and into their lives as parents. Human connection is the single most important aspect of living on this planet. Creating these relationships and supporting people step into their power allows for this very important part of life to be fulfilled. What a beautiful circumstance this is to create such a connection.

Whether I am the one that receives the honor of supporting you through this incredible experience, or if another doula has this opportunity, congratulations on this very exciting time! This is certainly not an easy task and you are doing great!

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