Julia-Rose Scianna

Since I can remember, I have easily slipped into the role of caregiver and confidant. It’s in my bones and where I feel very comfortable. I find deep joy in supporting parents and siblings adjust to life with their new addition by answering questions, offering time for self-care, providing an open ear, and sharing the duties of newborn care. My goal is to make room for blissful bonding within the family and for the creation of fond memories of the first few weeks of life. Intimately working with families for over 15 years, I have learned that this can look vastly different person to person, and I enjoy finding ways to honor and complement each individual’s postpartum journey.

Julia spends her free time with her partner on their small homestead just outside Portland, Oregon where they have goats, chickens, bees and a bountiful garden. She is focused on lowering waste, taking back control of the food system, and living gently on this beautiful earth so many future generations have the opportunity to enjoy it too.

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Red Cross Pediatric CPR/FA re-certificaton


Supporting Pumping and Bottle Feeding Clients Training through Puddle Town Lactation

Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training through Newborn Care Solutions


Lactation Intensive Training for Birth Professionals through Luna Lactation


CAPPA Lactation Educator Training

CAPPA Advanced Postpartum Doula Skills "Working with Multiples” Training


Postpartum Doula Training through Birthingway College of Midwifery



Bachelors degree through University of California, Davis - 2007



Professional Private Nanny - 20 years experience

Foster Child and Adolescent Counselor at EMQ Families First - 2007-2010

Newborn Nursery Caregiver at Yolo County Crisis Nursery - 2007-2010

Health and Financial Advocate for Adults with Developmental Disabilities at Summer House Inc. 2010-2012

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

“Julia is the best. She started with us when our second baby was 2 weeks old doing overnights. She is like a night fairy - she soothed my baby, got her to sleep for extended periods (so I could sleep), and helped with laundry and other quiet household tasks. My baby was very gassy in the beginning so after each feed, she needed to stay upright for over an hour. Julia was great at helping her gas with tummy rubs and slowly she got better and was able to sleep normally in the bassinet. Julia made the difference between enjoying my baby and having a good postpartum recovery versus being miserable (as I had been with my first baby). I wish Julia could be with us forever! "

"Julia's support was a life saver after the birth of our twins. She was gentle and skilled with my babies, and she was patient and sweet with me. During the night I never heard my babies cry, not once (now that's saying something!). She took excellent, loving care of them, allowing me to rest without worry. In the morning, I would find the house tidied up, breakfast made, laundry folded, lunches made. It really was amazing. I highly recommend her to any family looking for postpartum support. She is wonderful!"

"Julia-Rose was absolutely wonderful while working with our family, especially with our twin girls. She is very nurturing and patient, and can deftly handle caring for two newborns at once - which is no small task! She was also very helpful to me with some household duties and was always a very calm and kind presence in our home. I was able to get some sleep and peace of mind at the same time, which was so helpful. We are thankful to have worked with Julia-Rose, and would highly recommend her to any family!"