Jessica Garcez

Jessica is a birth and certified postpartum doula, certified placenta specialist, childbirth educator and doula instructor. 

Jessica has a goal which is to train, educate, and assist doulas-to-be to achieve their life goals…providing respectful care for their clients and communities. She loves people and loves to help others achieve their goals in life. She has been a doula without knowing since she was 16 years old when she attended the birth of her cousin. When she was 21, she had an amazing opportunity to be present for a cesarean birth and saw her friend’s newborn being delivered by an amazing team of doctors. 

Since 2014, Jessica has been a childcare provider and mother’s helper and has always wanted to assist her clients in ways beyond childcare. That’s when she learned about the doula profession. She found a new way of providing her clients with additional support via education and techniques learned through her doula training about care for the newborn and the newly postpartum mother. 

Jessica is joyful and very confident about the quality of support that she gives to her amazing clients. She is proud of being able to help humans be empowered and feel safe about their pregnancy, birth, postpartum and doula journey.

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