Emily Porter

I grew up in the rural edges of the Portland-Metro area, and still enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from living in nature. I enjoy farming and gardening, spending time with my husband and son, and reading. My passion for people caused me to seek out multiple educational paths in undergraduate school (including nursing and music therapy) before landing with a general degree in social sciences. I spent a few years working in the social work/advocacy arena before realizing that birth work truly was an intersection of my passional for mental, emotional, and physical health - particularly as it pertains to women.

After my husband and I lost our first boy in the second trimester and subsequently navigated pregnancy after loss and the birth of my son, (now a feisty, goofy toddler!), I’ve spent a lot of time pondering how the journey of motherhood is just as much about birthing the mother’s soul as it is about birthing the baby. It is truly an honor to be able to walk alongside families as they navigate the transition to parenthood and the spiritual journey that is birth.

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- ProDoula Labor Training
- ProDoula Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Training - Red Cross Adult and Infant CPR
- Homebirth midwifery apprenticeship



- Bachelors of Science in Social Science with focuses in Psychology and a minor in Child and Family Studies from Portland State



- Private Nanny 2015-2017
- Personal Support worker 2014-2018
- Volunteer Manager for Court Appointed Special Advocates 2018-2022 - Labor and Postpartum Doula 2021-Present
- Student Midwife 2022

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

“If you’re thinking about a doula, Emily is your girl. The first thing I noticed about Emily was her calm demeanor. In my first meeting with her I could tell right away that she was genuinely interested in me as a person and getting to know me and my spouses' concerns and what our idea of a dream birth was. "My husband really appreciated her professionalism but what sold my husband was how calm she was. He knew he could trust her in the delivery room to help him stay calm. I think he was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Emily stayed in touch up until our labor had started. She answered all my questions and helped ease any anxiety I had surrounding my labor. She provided helpful tips when my baby wasn’t in the most ideal position for delivery which did actually help! She reminded me that my body was built for this and I was strong enough to do it. Not only that, she helped me to feel strong and confident in my birth plan which she helped me to create. She provided resources along the way to help me make hard decisions on what we wanted and didn’t want during and after labor. "I really appreciated Emily’s presence throughout my labor, she helped me remember to stay relaxed but my favorite part was her therapeutic touch during labor. She taught my husband how he could help relieve some of my tension by doing hip squeezes which at a certain point relieved so much of my labor pains. I told Emily at the end of it all that I couldn’t have done it without her because I genuinely felt that way. She quickly became a friend to me, someone I trusted wholeheartedly. I remember calling Emily a few days after our girl was born, I was a mess. I was struggling with getting my baby to latch and even eat. This was hands down my hardest day postpartum. I expressed my concern to Emily and she was over within the hour to help. She saved the day. Literally because I was trying not to completely panic and breakdown. I remember she helped me get a good latch and I just cried out of pure relief. "I loved my experience with Emily and recommend her to anyone that is pregnant. Especially first time mommas. Having Emily to talk to as well as just being there through labor was great. Having her postpartum to help with the transition was even better. Especially if there are unforeseen struggles. I just love Emily and can’t wait to use her again in the future.” - Birth Client