Dinorah Santana

Born and raised in Southern California, alongside my Mother’s child care center established in our family home. Community care, pregnancy, and family stewardship are the waters I swim in. My doula practice is a reflection of ancestral, and generational knowledge.

I am a first-generation doula of color, proudly supporting all families and their options in Portland OR. I strive to facilitate an empowered birth experience by centering and uplifting your birthing preferences, lived experiences, values, and perspectives. I come to your birth prepared with evidence based comfort measures, a positive attitude, and a reliable work ethic.

In 2019, after reflecting on my own labor experience with my son, I took a doula labor workshop in Portland, OR with Birthingway College of Midwifery. I continued to develop my work experience and continued education with the local non profit Community Doula Alliance. Through my mentorship I took several perspective shifting, evidence based classes such as trauma informed care for birthing people, and cultural competency. All to facilitate a doula practice that at its core is well rounded in the subjects that can impact a person's emotional and spiritual journey through pregnancy and birth.

When I am not attending births, I am focused on continued doula education and birth justice advocacy.

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Labor Doula: Assisting Families with Birth (Birthingway College of Midwifery)

Placenta Encapsulation Training (Stumptown Doulas)

HIPPA 101 training (Compliance Group)

Cultural Competency Program for Health Care Professionals (A.D.A, C.E.R.P.)

Strategies for Moving Forward: Cultural Competency in Health Care (Pacific Source)

Trauma-Informed Care (C.T.R.I)

Trauma-Informed Care for Birth workers (Community Doula Alliance)




Legacy Women’s Services, Portland, OR- Verified Legacy Doula - November 2021- Present
Providence Health Care Women’s Services, Portland, OR- Full Spectrum doula - November 2021- Present
Community Doula Alliance, Portland OR - Full Spectrum Community Doula - September 2021 - Present
Daisy C.H.A.I.N., Eugene, OR - Full Spectrum Community Doula, Nonprofit community Outreach - September 2020 - August 2021

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