Brooke Merrick

I am drawn to the magic of birth because to me, it is the ultimate embodiment of this human experience.

I am a trained birth and postpartum doula, Intuitive Healer, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and Birth Story Photographer. When we feel safe, loved and empowered we can walk through these key transformations with curiosity, confidence and clarity which is why I do what I do.

I offer my clients a loving, customized environment to experience this labor of love while mindfully embracing and embodying the challenges and rewards of birth in order to create a positive and memorable experience accompanied by the gift of bringing a new soul Earthside!  My ambition is to hold space and consciously support birthing people while they navigate this sacred transformative process of bringing souls into this world with hopes that they will do the same for their new families.

My favorite thing about pregnancy, birth and families is that they come in infinite shapes and sizes.

I help each unique family I work with learn about the endless number of options they have to CREATE a birth experience that they choose to have - sometimes that even means teaching them that they actually have choices and options and that a birth experience CAN BE CREATED! These experiences shape the rest of our lives! I wholeheartedly believe that it takes a village to accomplish all things in life and I dedicate myself to empowering all involved to usher in the new chapter of life as a team using intuition as their beacon of light! We all have everything we need inside of us and I am here to help you find it, know it, and integrate it.

I am passionate about offering aid in a nonjudgmental, open-minded and individualized environment for the birthing person and support team with physical and emotional comfort measures, pain coping methods, relaxation techniques, understanding of birth physiology, communication with medical staff, and supported involvement of a partner, birth companion, etc. The confidence gained in a positive, supported birth experience helps parents trust in themselves and grow in confidence as they move into life with a new baby as a new family unit.

Born and raised in the Portland Metro Area.

When I am not in a birth room, you’ll likely find me in the garden, hugging trees (literally), obsessively organizing things or reading. I find that I am energized, inspired and fulfilled when I am convening in nature. I love hiking and jogging the endless trails of the Pacific Northwest as well as wandering around taking pictures of anything I see. I am a natural observer and tend to notice intricacies and details of things that are generally overlooked and unnoticed.  Because I am motivated and driven to do the things I love as much as possible, I spend a lot of my time creating or in creative environments. I love live music, painting and crafting, cooking, LAUGHING and being silly with my divine tribe of amazing women, and daydreaming! OH! And I love being a cat mom to my socially awkward kitty Melvin.

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  • DONA Approved Birth Doula Training through Mother Tree Birth Services - 2019
  • DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Training through Mother Tree Birth Services - 2019
  • Intensive 6-Month Birth Doula Internship with Mother Tree Birth Services - 2019
  • 85 Hour Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Certification
  • Portland School of Intuitive Living - Clairvoyant-Intuitive Healing Program
  • Portland School of Intuitive Living - Women's Intuition Progam
  • Volunteer Doula with Gateway Doula Project
  • Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals through Mother Tree International
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Training for Providers
  • Association of Placenta Preparation Arts Certification Training Program Student
  • Collaborative Practice - Advanced Doula Training - Mother Tree International
  • APPA Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Professional Placenta Service Providers



Southwestern Oregon Community College 2003-2005, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree

University of Texas Permian Basin - College of Business with focus in Accountancy 2006-2008



Birth Doula

Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Birth Photographer

Client Love

Read what these families have to say about their experience with our lovely doulas.

Brooke was amazing!! She helped my birthing experience to be the most amazing possible. She was so supportive and I could tell she truly cared. Not only was she awesome during birth, she was there from day one when she started working with me. I had a lot of anxiety and she was so supportive thru that. Even after birth she was great to check in and offer postpartum support. Highly highly recommend her!!! - Nicole Goldhammer

I had an amazing experience for my vaginal birth after 2 cesareans with Brooke and Trina! Brooke even helped make it magical by taking some birth photos for me with my camera and while I was in labor! Brooke capsulated my placenta! They truly care for the mommas they support. I am 4 weeks post partuk and I still recieve messages asking how I am doing. ?? I will absolutly be using their services again with my next pregnancy in the future. I cannot reccomend these lovely ladies enough. They do an outstanding job supporting and lifting up not only the pregnant women but the whole family. If it was not for my doulas Brooke and Trina and my partner I do not think I would have gone through what I so desperately desired. They give constant reminders our bodies are made for this and Brooke sends the best inspirational texts and images! - Sydney Barbour

Having originally hired Brooke as my birth photographer for a birth center birth, when my birth suddenly transitioned to a hospital birth, I was fearful, anxious, and overwhelmed. I immediately let Brooke know and she naturally shifted into more of a supportive doula role and thankfully, was allowed to be in the hospital. Brooke's natural compassion, professional (but assertive when needed) nature, knowledge, and willingness to ask questions, made her the perfect addition to my team. Even when my labor shifted into an emergency she was right there making sure my voice was heard and holding the space for me to speak up when she intuitively knew I needed to. The images that she captured of my labor and cesarean delivery truly spark so many emotions. Nothing about my labor or birth was what I had planned yet Brooke had a level of calm about her that encouraged me to move through each next step with bravery and peace. As a postpartum doula, Brooke was happy to jump in where she was needed and was also content to just sit and chat which was much appreciated because even when you've birthed before, each experience is different and sometimes it helps to just talk through how things unfolded. Brooke sought answers and options related to some initial feeding challenges and was an amazing cheerleader when my little guy finally started to gain. I would hands down hire her again for any of the services she provides. These aren't jobs to her, they are her calling and she fulfills each role so effortlessly. - Stephanie Gittings