Postpartum Support Group for Birthing People

About the Group

Raising a newborn is one of the most challenging, vulnerable, and beautiful experiences in life. In this support group, we will create a space to openly share, witness, and respond to the emotional experience of being a new parent. Each meeting will include a mindfulness exercise, educational material, and a discussion of the weekly topic. Members will have the chance to respond to each other, cultivating a community of support and connection. Members are expected to attend every session, to actively participate, and to contribute to making the space safe and non-judgmental.

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Weekly Topics Include

  1. Birth stories: Sharing our stories of giving birth. Discussing hopes, expectations and how it went.
  2. Navigating a new role: Exploring identity changes after giving birth and the joys and challenges of parenting.
  3. Bonding with your baby: Exploring attachment and the emotional challenges and rewards of being a parent.
  4. Parenting Values:  How we were raised and our parenting values.
  5. Body changes, Sex and Intimacy: Navigating body changes, appreciating our bodies, and exploring intimacy post-birth.
  6. Postpartum Support: How we care for ourselves, reflections on the group.

When and Where?

Once a week over Zoom. 7PM - 8:15PM. Beginning March 1st.

Cost is $50 for the series.

Feel free to bring your baby or come alone

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Meet the Facilitator

Caitlin completed the doula and postpartum doula workshop through Birthingway College of Midwifery. She provides therapy at Peace Health Family Medicine to a variety of clients including postpartum people, exploring a variety of issues such as attachment, identity, parenting values, communication, body image, and sex. She is completing her degree in Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy at Lewis & Clark College.

In her work as a doula and a therapist, Caitlin enjoys forming trusting relationships with families, and providing non-judgmental support, and encouraging meaning-making and insight through thought-provoking discussion. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys reading, hiking, and writing plays.

Phone: 641-260-6514


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