Placenta Consumption

What is Placenta Consumption?

Placenta Consumption has not been abundantly researched, however it has been a common practice in many cultures throughout centuries. It is believed that birthing persons who consume their Placenta receive benefits from the Sodium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, and protein. Many new mothers notice one or several of the following when consuming their Placenta in early postpartum; more balanced hormones, reduced fatigue, increased energy, higher iron and protein levels (protecting from anemia and fatigue). There are two common ways to consume a Placenta; Raw Consumption and Encapsulation.

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Raw Consumption

The Umbilical Sack and Cord are removed, and the Placenta is rinsed. It is then prepared using the traditional Chinese method by steaming it over a sliced Lemon and chopped Ginger. After fifteen minutes on each side the Placenta is then removed from the pan and placed on a cutting board to cool. Once cooler to the touch it is sliced into individual pieces, roughly one square inch in diameter. The individual pieces are then placed in a gallon size freezer bag, spaced out evenly to freeze separately, and placed in the freezer.

The new mother/birthing person typically consumes the raw Placenta in a smoothie by placing one frozen piece into a blender with the other ingredients. Some mothers notice such a boost in their energy level that they'll make a smoothie in the morning as well as the afternoon!


The beginning process is the same as Raw Consumption, except the pieces are cut long instead of square inch. The slices are then placed evenly onto a Food Dehydration sheet, often times several sheets are needed. The Umbilical Cord is laid out into the shape of a heart or a word (typically the word "Love"), and is dehydrated along with the Placenta. Once dried, it will be firm and, if wanted to be kept, can be placed in a shadow box in the Nursery. The slices of dehydrated Placenta are now placed into a food processor or coffee grinder (that is only used for Placentas), and ground into a powder form. This powder is then poured into capsules that are snapped together and placed into a fresh Placenta Pill Jar. These pills are kept in the refrigerator and ready for consumption immediately post encapsulation.

It is recommended that only the new mother/birthing person reaches their hand into the jar to remove pills. This is for the purpose of eliminating as many cross contamination risks as possible. The jar will have its own label and directions for pill consumption. On average a Placenta will create roughly 75/80 capsules.

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​Some new mothers/birthing persons love the way their Placenta pills give them energy so much that, towards the end of the jar, they'll begin spacing the doses out more irregularly in an attempt to make them last as long as possible!

All Placentas are prepared in the Clients' home. This is for the purpose of eliminating as many cross contamination risks as possible. Before starting the process of preparing a Placenta, the entire work area is cleaned and sanitized with a Bleach Solution. This is to kill as many germs and bacteria in the surrounding area as possible. All tools and products used during the process that are not thrown away are thoroughly washed and sanitized between uses. Gloves are worn and changed often in order to avoid contamination.

You do not have to be working with a Doula for birth or postpartum support in order to have your Placenta prepared. In this case, a Placenta Client would notify the Preparer when they went into labor and then a second time once the Placenta is ready to be picked up, post birth. The Preparer will then come to the birthing location and take the Placenta to the Clients' home for preparation. If the Client has had a homebirth, the Preparer will complete the process at the same location as the birth.

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Placenta Consumption Rates

Raw Consumption = $150.00
Encapsulation = $250.00

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