February 17, 2021

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!



My name is Hannah. I am a Doula, Placenta Specialist, class and support group Facilitator, and the owner of this agency, Stumptown Doulas. We are a group of professional Birthworkers who are passionate about serving expecting and new families in the Portland, Oregon area! We offer; Birth, Postpartum and Sibling Support Doula care, Placenta Consumption services, support groups, classes, a lending library and a giveaway group. Please reach out to us if you have questions about how your local Doulas can support you on your unique path to parenthood!

I am so excited to be starting this Blog and connecting with each reader in a different way! My hope is to share fun, informational stories, offer helpful information and tips to expecting and new parents, and to talk about the things that our society does not share with eachother. There is so much unknown about labor, birth and the postpartum for many expecting parents and I believe a huge reason is due to the lack of dialogue our country has around it. I am here to do my part in ending that.

Pregnant families need to have access to accurate, evidence-based information and then to be supported and respected in the decisions they make with that knowledge!

My dream is that in my lifetime I am able to see;

  • A group of individuals casually and openly talking about pregnancy/birth/postpartum without the worry of feeling judged/misunderstood/looked at differently because they chose to do things differently,
  • To hear people share the exciting truths behind birth, rather than the fear-based, overly dramatized stories that are so quickly spread,
  • To see birthing family’s autonomy respected and consent a #1 priority (and then followed),
  • For the USA to have a much lower/normal maternal mortality rate than we see today,
  • To know the common thought around expecting families is that pregnant women believe in the strength of their bodies (…and others do too!),
  • And that sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces and daughters are given the space and respect to surround their delivering fmaily member, support them, uphold them and nourish them within their cherished community!

My hope is to one day see the stigma around birth and delivering in your own way diminish. And I think that the more we actually talk about the real rawness, the calm, the often slow but sometimes fast, the intensity but not crazy, the actuality of birth, the more understanding and less fear there will be around it.


Thank you for being here along the way!

Until next week...

Hannah Cason

Doula, SD Owner, Placenta Specialist



Doula Hannah Cason

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