Who Am I Now?


The Postpartum Support Group for New Parents

Did you recently give birth to your first child? You love your baby, but you're drowning in confusion and isolation. Every morning, you wake up and wonder, “Who am I now that I’ve had a baby?”

Raising a newborn is one of the most challenging, vulnerable, and beautiful experiences in life. In this 6 week support group, we will create a space to openly share, witness, and respond to the emotional experience of being a new parent. Together, we’re going to cultivate a community of support and connection to combat the isolation, guilt, and shame that many new parents experience during the postpartum period.

We're going to explore:

● Week 1: Your Unique Birthing Experience →“That was the hardest day of my life!”

● Week 2: The Reality of Bonding With Your Baby → “PLEASE STOP CRYING!”

● Week 3: Creating Your Own Parenting Rulebook → “I think I’m screwing this up…”

● Week 4: Loving Your Postpartum Body→ “Why does my vagina look like this?!”

● Week 5: Owning Your Sex Life → “Am I ever going to want to have sex again?”

● Week 6: Caring for Yourself → “Mama needs some chocolate (and alone time).”

By the end of this series, my hope is that you’ll develop compassion for yourself, feel connected to a community of new parents, and gain clarity about who you are now that you have a baby.

Ready to join?

This support group meets virtually via Zoom once a week on Fridays from 3:15-4:45pm beginning April 1st. Cost is $400 for the entire group series, payment options available upon request. Babies, sweatpants, and milk stains are welcome! Space is limited to 8 participants!

Email Caitlin@ccstpdx.com to join.

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