Ok, We Are Home. Now What?

Hannah Woods (Cason)

Welcome to our postpartum class!

You prepped and planned and got everything set up for your birth and a few supplies for once you head back home, but if you’re like most first time parents, 99% of your focus is on the birth. Which is wonderful! But we have to remember that, while birth can sometimes last days, your postpartum lasts for more than 3 months! Having the right set up with helpful items that you will actually use, as well as some handy tips for taking care of your new little human, may make your postpartum a little bit smoother.

Our classes are super low key and fun. We use actual baby products to help demonstrate what to do and how to use them.

You do not have to be working with a Postpartum Doula to attend our class. In fact, if you have decided not to have a Doula it will probably be even more informative and helpful for you to attend.

Some topic we will cover:

  • Swaddling
  • Diaper changing (cloth & disposable)
  • Bathing
  • Bottle feeding
  • “The 5 S’s”
  • Co-sleeping
  • Baby wraps and carriers

What to wear?

Something comfy that you can move around in!

What to bring?

A notepad and pen, baby doll/stuffed animal, one of every type of swaddle you have (blanket/Velcro/swaddleme/etc), your bathtub set up, one of every type of baby carrier you have (ring sling/moby wrap/ergo carrier/etc), two of every type of diaper you have (cloth/disposable).

Bringing these items or having them close at hand during our Zoom class will help you reference the demonstrations you are seeing.

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