Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Hannah Woods (Cason)

You’re pregnant! Now you want ALL the tips!

Whether it was a shock to see those two lines on that pregnancy test or a long-awaited surprise, you’ve begun to realize this little one will need to work their way out sometime soon and you’re wanting ALL the tips!

Natural, induced, medicated, cesarean. No matter what birth you’re planning for, nor which route your birth takes you, learning what your body is going through and tips to help make yourself feel as comfortable as possible may make your birthing experience a bit more pleasant.

You do not have to be working with a Birth Doula to attend our class. In fact, if you have decided not to have a Doula it will probably be even more informative and helpful for you to attend.

Some topics we will cover in the class:

  • Position changes
  • Pushing positions
  • Using ALL the hospital tools
  • Acupressure
  • Counter back pressure
  • Hip squeeze
  • The Rebozo

Please bring your birthing partner to class with you! This will probably be more helpful for them to attend than you because they won’t be the one in a different head space during labor.

What to wear:

Something comfy that you can move around in!

What to bring:

Notepad and pen, water bottle

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Birth 101

Giving birth isn't something we do often in our lives. How are we supposed to know what we will prefer in the moment if the information isn't presented to us beforehand?

Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education

Our mission in teaching this course is to empower women through the knowledge of what their body can do. To support men in feeling confident standing next to their partner in the laboring room. And to encourage all people, birthing parents and supporting folks, to learn about what their body is about to go through, discover what their personal preferences are, and have the voice to request those preferences when their time comes. 

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