Come As You Are Support Group

Hannah Woods (Cason)

Welcome to our Come As You Are Support Group!

Whether you just held your baby’s gender reveal party or celebrated their first 6 months of life, you have a place here! Expecting parents, new parents, babes from birth to 1 year old…welcome.

This support group is here with the purpose of creating a community of fellow humans who are on the same path; heading to parenthood/figuring out parenthood and being loved and supported through it all.

We want to bring people together with a goal of making connections. Friendships. As humans we find growth in the support we give as well as receive. We feel comfort in hearing another person share a familiar struggle or a similar success. As people we need human interaction with others going through some of the same things we are, which helps us not feel so alone in this big transition. And after experiencing 2020, we all need it now more than ever!

This group is run by the Doulas of our agency, not a licensed counselor or therapist. There is no treatment involved. The support group is free of charge and provided to Stumptown Doulas Clients/Families only.

To qualify for our free support group;

  • You are working with or have worked with a Stumptown Doula
  • You are pregnant or delivered less than a year ago
  • Your partner delivered less than a year ago


What to wear:

Something comfy!

What to bring:

A warm beverage, a snack, or anything else you may need to take care of yourself.

What to expect:

Our "Come As You Are" free support group is currently being held via Zoom, every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, from 7pm-8pm. Community members are emailed a link with a Passcode to enter the Zoom call gathering where they'll find folks sharing what they feel comfortable with and listening to others do the same.

Community members are given the opportunity to share their contact information with others in the group if they wish to connect outside of the bi-monthly support sessions.

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