Childbirth Education

Hannah Woods (Cason)

Whether you just found out that you're expecting a little surprise, or you're only a few short months away from your delivery, taking a Childbirth Education Class can make a huge difference in your birthing experience. Having a basic knowledge of laboring terms, hospital procedures, the natural transitioning your body intuitively goes through and so much more, puts many expecting families' minds at ease. 

Our mission in teaching this course is to empower women through the knowledge of what their body can do. To support men in feeling confident standing next to their partner in the laboring room. And to encourage all people, birthing parents and supporting folks, to learn about what their body is about to go through, discover what their personal preferences are, and have the voice to request those preferences when their time comes. 


We believe in the strength of the body, the power of knowledge, and the difference that loving support can make. 


We are here to make a positive change in the birthing world. 


Welcome to our space!

What Participants can expect;

  • - 5 week course
  • - 1 evening per week
  • - 2 hour long classes
  • - Meeting over Zoom
  • - Almost all coursework is learned in class
  • - A small & intimate cohort as we admit a maximum of 4 expecting parents per course

“There is a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong."

- Laura Stavoe Harm

If you are interested in joining our Childbirth Education Class, please let us know and we will send you our sign up form. Spaces are limited due to our small cohort sizes, so spots fill up fast. We recommend aiming for a class that will wrap up around the 36th/38th week of pregnancy to reduce the risk of missing the final sessions due to delivering early!

Reach out to us today for details on our up and coming course!

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