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Founded and created in January of 2020, Stumptown Doulas provides experienced Birth, Postpartum, and Sibling Support Doula care, as well as Placenta Consumption preparation, Classes and Support Groups for our families. We service the Portland Metro and surrounding areas with compassion, professional enthusiasm, and excellent customer service. Each Doula has been efficiently trained through a DONA (Doulas Of North America) approved school or a locally respected institution.


Our vision

Stumptown Doulas’ vision is to provide nurturing, professional Doula care to expecting and new families in the Portland Oregon area. From pregnancy through the fourth trimester, our team of certified Doulas offer evidence-based Doula care, understanding support groups, informational classes and helpful resources.

We endeavor to foster a community of acceptance, learning and sharing through each family’s journey to parenthood.

Here at Stumptown Doulas, we offer the expectant family a welcoming space, a listening ear, an understanding mind, complete advocacy, and a genuine connection, every time.

We believe

The statements that all of us at Stumptown Doulas believe in.

We believe that the thought of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time can feel daunting to most. We will share all of our knowledge and helpful tips to hopefully make this transition to parenthood as seamless as possible for you.
We believe that there is no “right” way for you to give birth. Only your way. And we will stand by your side for every moment of it.
We believe that giving birth is a life changing experience and that it can be both positive and traumatic at the same time. Having support through this time can help ease the potential trauma that sometimes follows birth. We are here to advocate for and with you.
We believe that it is okay to not be okay during any part of this. And we are here to hear why, if you feel the desire to share. But we are also here to sit in the silence with you and hold space if it just feels too heavy for you to carry on your own.

Our team of Doulas

Every one of our Doulas are experienced in their field and have a unique story to tell.
Find the right Doula for you and your family.

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